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SMARTframework, web 2.0 based RIA technology, provides a workspace that maximizes user 
convenience to enhance system utilization and increase user’s work efficiency.


SMARTframework S/W Architecture


SMARTframework Technical Features


  • MDI-based work environment
    • Provide MDI (Multi Document Interface)-based work environment similar to C/S
    • Process multiple screens required for operation simultaneously required for operation
    • All the submenus' open/closed states are saved
  • Grid functions similar to MS Excel
    • Data Filtering: Character string, <(Smaller than), <=, >(Larger than), >=
    • Data Search: Search data within columns and move to relevant row.
    • Data Alignment / Column Moving: Align in multiple indexes.
    • Fixed Vertical/Horizontal Outline Formation, Cancel Fixed Outline Formation
    • Copy/Paste of Selected Area : Drag needed cells, copy and paste in Excel or other documents.
    • Hide Column, Unhide Column, Auto-Alignment of Column Width
    • Tree Data Grid: Enable hierarchical data processing.
    • Column/Data Header Merge
    • Excel Integration: reflect new excel input data to grid in real time.
    • Data Editing: Provide cell copy, subtotal/total function identical to MS Excel.
  • Tree Data Grid
    • Specify the node depth to expand during run time.
      • Fold/Unfold every node.
      • Fold/Unfold node on specific depth.
    • Add/Delete a row in the current/sub level of node.
    • Highly applicable in hierarchical data processing. (ex. BOM Information Management)
  • Powerful MS Excel Import functions
    • Click Excel Upload Button, then select Excel file.
    • Upload Excel files, Auto-Mapping between the same grid header and Excel column, and support manual mapping through drag & drop features between grid header and Excel column as needed.
    • Upload the final file to data grid after checkup.
  • Autocomplete Feature
    • Easily identify specific information that user demands to search with autocomplete feature.
    • Note that the pre-composed words may differ from those provided by search engines.
  • Validation for invalid data entry
    • Prevent invalid data entry with validation functions.
  • Customizable User Interface
    • Customize each user’s personal configuration by dragging & dropping each menu.
    • Save grid setting/final login setting, etc.


  • N/W Performance
    • Use intelligent caching to process previously inquired data on the client without burden to the server or network. (Asynchronous data processing)
    • Enable data communication between server and client to process various type of data such as XML, Binary. (Data compression/transmit)
  • Large-Capacity Data Processing
    • Flex processes data in 0.5 sec on average.
    • Flex provides high performance of large-capacity data processing.
  • Large-Capacity Data Search
    • Search more than 10 thousands of data. (The above shows 12,412 data searched.)
    • Increase the work productivity by extracting required data based from results and specifying quantity of data to display.
  • Large-Capacity Data Processing
    • Provide Excel functions(filtering, search, alignment etc.) to deal with searched large-capacity data efficiently.
    • Multi-searching large-capacity data with the block paste function.


  • Multi- Language
    • Specify registered language code.
    • Menu promptly converted into selected language.
    • Additional language can be used after registering in Dictionary.
  • Multi-Currency
    • Search currency code.
    • Screen for currency code search is activated.
    • Search exchange rate for specified currency.
  • Any Browser
    • Any Browser : Support all type of browsers with Flash Player such as MS Internet Explorer, Mac Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.
    • Run internet application program via Adobe AIR without web browser.
  • Any OS
    • Provide development and operation environment independent of server and client OS.
    • Re-use 100% of business resources → No need to set up extra management modules to server.
    • Provide independent user computing environment with specific OS.