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CEO Message

Drive business ecosystem innovation, Create actionable business intelligence

Dramatic economic change globally affects companies in several ways. First, outsourcing has been on the rise for company to focus on improving competitive advantages. Since more of end-to-end business processes require collaborative management, understanding of multi-tiered networks and economy of ecosystem, company will have to overcome economy of scope and scale to realize economy of network and ecosystem which are key for survival and innovation in a rapidly evolving new economy.

With our business name standing for Ecosystem Management for Relationship Optimization, we provide the solution to optimize the supply chain ecosystem and enable supply chain partners to collaborate more effectively. EMRO is constantly striving to become a sustainable value creator in strategic supply chain. More importantly, as a result, a broad range of global companies leveraged EMRO's solutions to extend their values. Such companies include Samsung, LG, SK, Doosan, DSME, KT, and etc.

EMRO is the first Korean company that owns business solutions utilizing web 2.0 technologies. Also, EMRO has been constantly recognized for the first business application using
FLEX that maximizes the user conveniences and
system functionalities.

Furthermore, we will continue to drive business
ecosystem innovation with EMRO’s
global business solutions.

Jay Song President & CEO